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video 4m 30s

The image of Mayakovsky - the poet, who thinks cinematographically, and his artistic practice that wanted to define new esthetics, have become sources of inspiration, as have the ideas of the artistic avant-garde of the Twenties,
especially the manifest by Dziga Vertov.
Digital editing unites contemporary images of the streets of Moscow, Berlin and Paris with fragments from films from
the Twenties in the dynamical space of the journey of the Lyudogus, the journey of Mayakovsky, to come to an end in
the static space of his room.
In the video fragments from films by Dziga Vertov "Man with a Moving Camera", Walter Ruttmann "Berlin. Die
Sinfonie der Großstadt", René Clair "Paris qui dort", Hans Richter "Filmstudie" were used.
2014 Memory Migration, International Video Art Festival "Now&After", Moscow, The Best Russian Video Award
2013 Russian Atelier on the Amstel, Hermitage, Amsterdam
2013 Exhibition, Mayakovsky Museum, Moscow
2013 Kandinsky Prize 2013, "Udarnik", Moscow
2013 KINO-FOTO-LYUDOGUS, National Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow

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