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Marina Chernikova lives in Amsterdam and Moscow.

She holds a European Media Master of Arts in Image Synthesis and Computer Animation from HKU (Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht) Netherlands and a Master of Fine Art in painting from Moscow State Fine Art Academy (Surikov Institute), Russia.

Her ongoing project URBAN SURFING unites experimental photos and videos that have the city as subject and inspiration.


The accelerated tempo of urban life and the development of new technologies have remodeled our experience of existence. The intensive navigation through the cityscape, like surfing on an ocean wave, leaves only time for the associative scanning of striking details and the landmarks linked with them. The non-linear processes of mind and memory allow virtual existence in different places simultaneously. This results in a fragmented and nonlinear perception of reality.


The possibilities of new media allow expressing these transitional experiences.

Documentary photographic and video footage form the point of departure, not to retell reality, but to grasp the essence of contemporary urban experience.


Images of different cities (Amsterdam, Antwerp, Berlin, Kiev, Marseille, Moscow, Paris, Rome, Sao Paulo, Tokyo) are digitally intertwined into one stream. In the course of this transition they are reconstructed, multi-layered and establish new formations. Recognizable and logical architectural elements are transformed into abstract structures. Similar to the way our memory works, some realistic details may get lost, washed away, some set in another context. Fragmented images, for example, of Moscow may be mixed with images from Tokyo or Paris. The generally accepted concept of a city as a structured ensemble gives way to a dynamic, fragmentary and individual perception of the urban environment.


In these works rational thought and irrational sensations are unified. They may be seen as a contemporary interpretation of the traditional landscape.



2018   From Non-Conformism to Feminisms, Museum of Russian Art (TMORA), Minneapolis

2017   Videobox Festival at Carreau du Temple, Paris

2016   House of Impressions, The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts

2016   The Art up. Art in, Moscow Museum of Modern Art

2015   Urban Research, Nori De’ Nobili Museum, Italy

2015   City+, Moscow Art Communities, Museum of Moscow

2015   NordArt 2015, International Art Exhibition, Büdelsdorf

2015   Testing Reality, Now&After collection, IVAHM Festival, Madrid

2013    Russian Atelier on the Amstel, еxhibition, Hermitage, Amsterdam

2013    Kandinsky Prize 2013, Exhibition of Selected Nominees, Udarnik, Moscow

2013   “The voice and the chorus”, Russian video, De Hallen, Haarlem

2012   “Ciudad Total / Total City”, exhibition, IVAM, Institute Valencià dʼArt Modern, Valencià;
2012   “URBAN SURFING/Berlin”, / solo / Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik, Berlin

2010   “VoTH”, Dutch - Russian exhibition, Moscow Museum of Modern Art;

2009    Kandinsky Prize 2008, Selected Nominees, Louise Blouin Foundation, London;
2009    The One Minutes Train, Arsenale Novissimo, Biennale Venice;

2009    FiLE -Electronic Language International Festival, Sao Paulo;
2008    ART PARIS, Orel Art Gallery, Paris;

2008    YOUʼLL SEE WHEN YOU GET THERE, / solo / Foundation Contemporary City, Moscow;

2007    PHOTOQUAI Biennale Museum du Quai Branly, Paris;

2007   /personal presentation/ festival Rencontres Internationales, Jeu de Paume, Paris

2007    URBAN SURFING, /solo/ Moscow Museum of Modern Art,

2006    VIPER, Video festival, Basel


National Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow; Moscow Museum of Modern Art; Moscow House of Photography; State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow; The Kolodzei Art Foundation, USA; Foundation Sandretti, Rovereto, Italy.

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